This Moving Close From Barack Obama May Have Delivered The Run Off For Raphael Warnock


Former President Obama returned to Georgia to campaign for Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and the close of his speech may have delivered the special election for Democrats.


Transcript provided to PoliticusUSA by the Office of Barack Obama:

I always thought to myself, if Miss Cooper didn’t get tired, then I can’t be tired. If John Lewis, even in his 70s wasn’t tired, I got no excuses; I can’t be tired. And if I’m not tired, you can’t be tired. 

If the men and women who had to endure the sting of discrimination, the smack of billy clubs weren’t tired, if the folks who had to fight those early fights, those were the tough fights for union rights, and voting rights, and gay rights and women’s rights; if they didn’t get tired, you can’t be tired. 

So you got to go out there and keep working. You have to stay focused. Because if you do, if you put everything you’ve got into the next few days, if you vote, if you get your friends to vote, and your neighbors to vote, if you do all that, not only will we reelect Raphael Warnock, not only while we keep Georgia and America on a path to a better future, but we will be setting an example for a four-year-old right here and laying a foundation for him to build on, and that one-year-old over there. And I know I saw a three-month-old here. They’re watching right now to see if we’re going to get tired, and I’m going to tell them right now, we’re not going to be tired. We’re going to bring it on home. Let’s make this happen. Georgia. I love you. God bless you. Let’s finish the job. 

Nobody currently in American politics is better at rallying and inspiring voters than former President Obama.

Obama speaks with such passion and moral clarity about the stakes in every election that he campaigns for Democrats in. The former president will never run for office again, but his fire for campaigning still burns brightly.

Barack Obama made a difference wherever he went in the midterm election, and his power may have fired up enough voters to seal the deal for Sen. Warnock on Tuesday.

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