This is what cities in the UK may look like in 2100


As the world goes green in its bid to tackle climate change, cities will change beyond recognition, according to one expert.

In a series of images published Tuesday, University of Lancaster scientist Serena Pollastri outlined predictions for the future of Britain’s big towns, including the removal of all cars from our roads by 2100.

Rain-drinking skyscrapers and “living” green buildings will also sprout across the nation, according to the artist impressions.

The images show a futuristic London, Manchester and Birmingham skyline and were put together with the help of ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s.

Pollastri, co-author of the UK Government’s Foresight Future of Cities Project, tried to imagine what Britain would look like within the next 80 years if Westminster acts now to combat climate change.

London as imagined by an 'urban futures' expert.
London as imagined by an ‘urban futures’ expert.Courtesy Ben & Jerry’s

“We know that it is not only possible but necessary to seriously re-evaluate what future we want and how to build it,” she said.

“We should be doing this with the imminent and far-reaching effects of climate change in mind.”

Among the adaptations, she believes cities will introduce are flourishing inner-city wetlands, neighborhoods filled with community gardens and green building powered by renewable energy.

Green, accessible transport will replace most cars and carry workers to their officers in skyscrapers that absorb rainfall.

Roads and car parks will be transformed into a network of green corridors linking urban parks with forests, while solar panels will adorn every roof.

Ben and Jerry’s are calling for support for a declaration by their partners The Climate Coalition, a group dedicated to action on climate change.

The document is asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take ambitious action for a post-Covid green economic recovery.

“The solutions portrayed in this artwork are at our fingertips and the time to act is now” The Climate Coalition’s Clara Goldsmith said.

Birmingham in England.
Birmingham in England.Courtesy Ben & Jerry’s

“We need the government to invest in growing clean industries and preserve green spaces now, instead of locking in pollution for decades to come.”

Last month, Johnson reversed his 20 years of mocking wind power as he unleashed a “gale force” green energy revolution.

The PM admitted he got it wrong when he said offshore wind farms could not “pull the skin off a rice pudding” and pledged to have wind powering every home in the UK within ten years.

Addressing the Conservative Party’s virtual conference on October 5, Johnson said: “Your kettle, your washing machine, your plug-in electric vehicle — the whole lot of them will get their juice cleanly and without guilt from the breezes that blow around these islands.”

And he promised £160 million ($207 million) investment in the North and Scotland to build new specialist turbines off the coast.

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