There is a birthday cake thief inside the NBA bubble


There is a thief with a sweet tooth lurking inside the NBA bubble.

New Orleans Pelicans center Derrick Favors’ birthday cake was stolen as he recently celebrated his 29th birthday, according to a Yahoo Sports report.

After practice July 15, the rookies sang “Happy Birthday” to Favors, and informed the big man that the special birthday treat was waiting in the meal room. Once they all wandered in, everyone was shocked to discover that someone had swiped the cake.

The Pelicans quickly scrambled to make other arrangements to celebrate the veteran center. They reportedly ordered an assortment of cupcakes for Favors the following day. However, after the meal room was left unguarded for a period of time, the thief struck again. Once they went to retrieve the assortment from the team fridge, they were only left with a lone dessert.

Instead of properly celebrating his birthday, Favors became the epicenter of the NBA bubble’s newest mystery.

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