The Trump Campaign Ran Away From Reporters When Asked For Evidence Of Nevada Voter Fraud


Trump campaign officials ran down the street and hopped into a van when asked by reporters for evidence of Nevada voter fraud.


Ric Grenell was holding a news conference to announce the lawsuit accusing Nevada of voter fraud when NBC News’s Jacob Soboroff asked him for evidence.

Grenell said, “You should go and ask the clerk of the county which you haven’t done yet.”

Soboroff followed up, “You also said there’s no election observers, there’s Democratic and Republican election observers inside. Former DNA Grenell. Where is the fraud? You haven’t presented any evidence of fraud. You’ve presented no evidence of fraud. We’re live on MSNBC. You said thousands of illegitimate ballots. Where are the illegitimate ballots?”

At this point, Grenell and his crew hopped into a waiting van to escape the press.

The whole file lawsuits and delegitimize the election through ginned up right-wing protests strategy is not going well for Trump. The lawsuits that his campaign is filing have no merit. They seem to be filing lawsuits solely for the purpose of discrediting the vote count and the election result.

The Trump campaign has no evidence, and an action brought before a court with no evidence is the definition of a frivolous lawsuit.

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