The Most Republican Newspaper In The Country Just Endorsed Joe Biden


The New Hampshire Union Leader, which has endorsed Republicans for a century, has endorsed Joe Biden over Donald Trump in 2020.

The paper didn’t endorse Clinton or Trump in 2016 and made it clear that they expect to disagree with Biden on many issues, but still wrote:

Building this country up sits squarely within the skill set of Joseph Biden. We have found Mr. Biden to be a caring, compassionate, and professional public servant. He has repeatedly expressed his desire to be a president for all of America, and we take him at his word. Joe Biden may not be the president we want, but in 2020 he is the president we desperately need. He will be a president to bring people together and right the ship of state.


Biden was among the most moderate in the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field, proposing some of the lowest new spending among that increasingly left-leaning group. We are hopeful that this is a sign of the thoughtful and pragmatic public servant President Joe Biden will be. Sadly, President Trump has proven himself to be the antithesis of thoughtful and pragmatic; he has failed to earn a second term.

No one should think that the Union Leader has gone soft on its conservatism. This might be the most conservative endorsement of a Democrat ever written, but it is extremely insightful because it shows that America is at a moment that is bigger than ideology and partisan politics.

The choice is between an incompetent president who has driven this country into the world’s worst coronavirus pandemic, and a caring and professional public servant who has the intellect, competence, and know-how to clean up the mess that Trump created.

The Trump campaign was hoping to flip New Hampshire, but those dreams are likely dead. As the final days of Trump’s campaign may center around avoiding a humiliating defeat than swinging states and winning a second term.

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