Steve Schmidt Unloads On The White House For Covering Up Trump’s Declining Health


Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt ripped the White House on Tuesday for running a massive cover-up of Donald Trump’s declining physical and mental health.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Schmidt said the president’s health is clearly deteriorating before our eyes, pointing out that Trump “routinely slurs” and is “often confused.”

“The enfeeblement of the president is something we’re all watching happen before our eyes,” Schmidt said. “The Donald Trump of 2020 is a different Donald Trump than he was in 2016.”

The former GOP strategist said the information that the White House has released about Trump’s health, including his weight, is clearly not true.


Schmidt said:

The enfeeblement of the president is something we’re all watching happen before our eyes. He routinely slurs his words. He routinely makes nonsensical statements that are just plain gibberish. He is often confused. He speaks in non sequiturs. We’ve seen a deterioration of his physical mobility. We know that he was rushed to Walter Reed hospital for unknown reasons and we know about his track record of lying. And it is not just specifically the lying 20,000 times about issues from big to small. Let’s just look specifically about his lying about his health. The president has represented, the White House when they’ve released information about the president’s health, has tried to maintain that Donald Trump weighs 243 pounds. That’s obviously not so. It is a ludicrous statement. But where there is smoke from dishonesty, look for fire. And so whatever is going on with Donald Trump, in any other administration, if we saw the president’s deterioration the way we’ve seen Trump’s deterioration under stress — we see somebody telling the American people to consume household disinfectants and Lysol and bleach to deal with coronavirus. You talk about mental stamina. Imagine the intellectual failure involved in his statements around testing. The concept that if we don’t test, then coronavirus goes away. It’s so idiotic. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it and try to explain. But when you put it all together, the Donald Trump of 2020 is a different Donald Trump than he was in 2016. He’s equally vile, but he’s a lot slower. He’s not packing the punch that he once did. And this is a legitimate issue. This is a legitimate issue to understand how the president functions under stress.

This issue will haunt Trump every day until the election

Donald Trump will spend the next four months trying to deflect questions about his health, but this issue is not going away anytime soon.

From his recent unsteadiness during the West Point commencement ceremony to his unexplained visit to Walter Reed last year, questions surrounding Donald Trump’s physical and mental health continue to grow – particularly since the White House has already been so dishonest about it.

With the election looming, Trump has attempted to smear Joe Biden with false claims about his health – like he did to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign – but those baseless attacks don’t appear to be working.

That’s likely because the American people see Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, as the candidate with glaring physical and mental deficiencies.

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