‘So True!’ Trump Mocked For Retweeting Himself, Then Agreeing With Himself


President Donald Trump fired off an unusual tweet on Monday, not only sharing a message from himself but also agreeing with it. 

“Silent majority” is a term that Trump ― like President Richard Nixon ― uses to characterize his supporters, suggesting they don’t show up in polls but will turn up at the ballot box. 

Trump’s message ― and his agreement with himself ― came after several polls showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump’s campaign even issued a cease-and-desist order to CNN over a poll that showed the president behind by 14 points.

CNN stood by its poll.   

Trump occasionally retweets himself, and at times adds a “so true” in self-agreement. But Monday evening’s message brought out the snark, with many of his critics adding “so true” statements of their own: 

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