Seth Meyers Offers Scathing Theory About Fox News’ Obsession With Barack Obama


“Late Night” host Meyers noted how the anchors on the widely watched conservative network often pivot towards attacking Obama whenever the going gets tough for President Donald Trump, as it is now amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Fox hosts say the name Obama like it’s their safe word,” said Meyers.

“Their obsession with Obama is akin to gossipy cheerleaders spreading rumors about the prom queen because she won’t hang out with them,” he joked.

Meyers then laid out why he believes the GOP and Fox News would “honestly rather live in an alternate universe” where Obama was still in office.

“Then they could at least lie and tell themselves they were a ragtag band of rebels and not the marketing department for the Death Star,” he observed. 

Check out Meyers’ monologue here:

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