Seth Meyers Just Played Every ‘Seinfeld’ Actor In A Takedown Of Donald Trump


“Late Night” host Seth Meyers did a one-man revival of “Seinfeld” to mock Donald Trump on Thursday, playing every main part in the classic sitcom. (Watch the video below.)

Meyers targeted Trump’s repeated mangling of the word “corridors” in his 2024 candidacy announcement this week. The former president spoke of taking back the corridors of power, but the message got diluted by his awkward pronunciation.

It was ripe for parody, as Meyers showed.

“He says the word so many times it’s like he’s in an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where Kramer tells Jerry about his plan to turn his entire apartment into a series of hallways,” Meyers said.

The host proceeded to play out the scene as he acted the roles of not only Jerry and Kramer, but also George and Elaine.

Fast-forward to 2:05 and enjoy the must-see moment:

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