Seniors Flock To Biden As Trump Support Drops By 22 Points


Trump won seniors with 52% of the vote in 2016, but Joe Biden now gets 57% of the support of voters over the age of 65.

Ryan Struyk pointed to the shift in the new CNN poll:

Seniors are vulnerable both economically and medically due to Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus. Seniors are facing increased economic pressure and added expense while living on a fixed income due to Trump’s virus response. A person on a fixed income can’t easily afford the additional expense of paying for grocery or prescription delivery.

Elder Americans are also medically vulnerable to the virus itself, so not only are they being squeezed financially, but their lives are in jeopardy due to Trump.

Trump’s victory in 2016 was potentially driven just as much by voters who voted against Hillary Clinton as it was by intense support for Donald Trump.

Trump has made life worse for Americans across age and demographic spectrums, but older voters are the backbone of presidential elections. They show up like no other bloc of voters in the country.

If seniors flip to Joe Biden, Donald Trump will be a one-term president.

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