Selena Gomez Pops Up As Steve Martin, Martin Short Shred Each Other — And Tesla — On ‘SNL’


Longtime comedy pals and “Only Murders in the Building” stars Steve Martin and Martin Short had it out in battling monologues on “Saturday Night Live.”

Short told Martin — who marked his 16th time hosting the show — that the new “SNL” cast members were raving about him, calling him a “whole entertainer” — but without the entertainer part.

A grinning Martin jabbed back: “For me, working with Marty Short is like World Cup soccer. Somehow, I just can’t get into it.”

They got down to it with pre-death eulogies for each other.

Martin said of his pal after his imagined death: “Wow, not much of a turnout. I’ll always be haunted by Marty’s last words: ‘Tesla autopilot, engage!’”

Even “at the end, Marty had a wonderful girlfriend: smart, beautiful, and so realistic. Marty was always sexually active, as long as there were batteries in the house,” he added. “Marty was taken away from us too soon — but sadly, not before he played Jack Frost in ‘Santa Clause 3.’”

Short lamented: “There are so many great things that I could say about Steve Martin. But this hardly seems the time nor the place. Oh, Steve, you bland, overrated, white-haired son of a bitch, where did you go?”

He added: “I know Steve is looking down at us right now because he looked down on everybody. … Seeing him in that casket reminded me of [‘SNL’ sketch] ‘Dick in a Box.’”

Surprise guest Selena Gomez — who stars with the guys on “Only Murders in the Building” — suddenly popped up to smooth things over as the three hugged it out.

Check it out in the clip here:

Gomez also did a cameo in a “Father of the Bride” sketch (along with Kieran Culkin) that reprised Martin’s role as the father in the movie, Short’s role as “Franck” the wedding planner, and Culkin’s character as the bride’s brother. Check it out below:

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