Sean Hannity Whitewashes The 1/6 Attack As Moms And Dads Attending A Trump Rally


Sean Hannity is holding down the 1/6 misinformation fort on Fox News by describing the 1/6 attack as moms and dads attending a Trump rally.


The political rot extends far beyond the former President Of The United States. Pro-abortion activists, traditional Catholics, people moms and dads who merely attend a Trump rally. Even angry parents, how dare they speak out about age-appropriate material being taught to their kids or CRT? How about we stick to reading, writing, math, and computers? But if they speak out at a school board meeting, speak out against Critical Race Theory, guess what? You could be scrutinized by your weaponized FBI.”

Hannity was trying to defend Jim Jordan’s weaponization of government hearing involving the Trump-funded fake whistleblowers when he referred to the FBI investigating Trump rally. The only Trump rally that the FBI has ever investigated happened on 1/6, so Sean Hannity was reframing the domestic terrorists who attempted to overthrow the government with violence as just some moms and dads at a rally, which I guess could be true if you ignore the whole violent attack on the Capitol with the intention to harm political leaders and the killing of police officers.

The underlying motives for claims of the weaponization of government are to whitewash 1/6 and make Trump’s behavior look like a plot by law enforcement. None of what Hannity said was true, but the idea that the government is targeting Trump has not motivated Republican voters so Trump and his supporters have extended it to include parents at school board meetings to inspire fear and make the threat seem personal.

Hannity is already in 8 PM timeslot form. No matter how many hosts get fired, or lawsuits are settled, Fox News is going on with misinformation business as usual.


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