Scorpions’ Klaus Meine says ‘Wind of Change’ not written by CIA


The lead singer of Scorpions has dismissed rumors that the band’s 1990 power ballad “Wind of Change” was written by the CIA as a piece of Cold War propaganda.

Klaus Meine appeared on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation” where he explained that a reporter contacted him for a podcast investigating the mystery surrounding the epic anthem.

The journalist, Patrick Radden Keefe, was looking into theories that the CIA collaborated with the German hair metal band to create ballad that would change the world.

“It was about the Moscow Music Peace Festival, about ‘Wind of Change’ — but this is what this interview was all about,” Meine said on “Trunk Nation.”

“And in the middle of the interview, he goes like, ‘Klaus, you ever heard the story that ‘Wind of Change’ was written by the CIA?’ And I cracked up laughing, I totally cracked up laughing.”

Although he thought the idea was funny, the Scorpions singer said it was fake news.

“I thought it was very amusing and I just cracked up laughing. It’s a very entertaining and really crazy story but like I said, it’s not true at all,” he added. “Like you American guys would say, it’s fake news.”

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