School district to dismiss students for remote-learning from out-of-state


An upstate New York dad says his children’s school district is giving them the boot for taking virtual classes from out of state.

Jeffrey Emmette, of Auburn, took his three children on vacation to Missouri, but then decided to stay at a relative’s and rent out his home on Airbnb when possible while his two school-age sons do their remote learning on Zoom, reported.

But the single father then received an email from the school district informing him that his sons, Aiden and Tyler, are no longer “entitled” to be enrolled after Oct. 23 since they have no firm date for returning to the state.

“Are you kidding me? I never thought there was any problem,” Emmette told the outlet of the district’s decision.

“I pay my taxes and my mortgage, and my home is not for sale. I didn’t move. And my kids do all their work on Zoom as I have chosen for them to be fully remote.”

Emette added that he would’ve come back if in-person classes were five days a week, but the school only offered a hybrid schedule where the students go in just for certain days.

But he said that he always intended to return, and just hadn’t picked a specific date.

“I didn’t lie about it. I told them the truth, because what does it matter. I am not moving to Missouri,” Emmette said.

Auburn School Superintendent Jeffrey Pirrozolo said he’s unable to comment on matters involving individual students, but the district was going by the guidance of their legal counsel, reported.

Emmette was told that he could file an appeal to the state education commissioner.

He has contacted a lawyer but hasn’t decided yet what he’ll do about the school’s decision, the outlet reported.

“I guess I have to come back to Auburn,” he told the outlet.

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