Republicans Say Georgia Runoff Is Over And Herschel Walker Lost


Republicans are calling Herschel Walker toast and saying that the Georgia Senate runoff is over.


Greg Bluestein reported on MSNBC:

There’s still tens of thousands of votes in metro Atlanta to be counted. That’s why I’m getting from Republicans now saying, stick a fork in, it this thing is over.

Senior Republicans are saying it’s all over — but the counting, it’s over. I’m hearing reports from strategists allied with Herschel Walker’s campaign saying there’s very little path to victory right now for us. Still have to wait until those metro Atlanta counties commit — but it is not looking good for Herschel Walker right now at all.

Sen. Warnock is the projected winner, but the race hasn’t been called yet because the cable networks want to see more of the same-day vote, but all indications are that Herschel Walker has lost the Senate runoff in Georgia.

Republicans were expecting this result, but they came into 2022 targeting Warnock’s seat as their top potential pickup, and thanks to Donald Trump and Herschel Walker, they failed miserably.

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