Rep. Paul Gosar Tweets Then Deletes Support For Terminating The Constitution


Suspected 1/6 co-conspirator Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) tweeted and then deleted support for terminating the Constitution.

Luckily, Gosar’s tweet was captured by journalists before it was deleted:

The MAGA Republican Party is an anti-democracy party. Gosar’s public endorsement revealed the true intentions of Trump’s most devoted followers. The name of the game is to overthrow democracy, restore Trump to power, and then terminate the Constitution.

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If it would have been suggested even a decade ago that a sitting House Republican would support getting rid of the Constitution so that a president could be unlawfully elected to the presidency for life, people would not have believed it, but that is where the Republican Party is today.

Trump can dine with Nazis and call for the termination of the Constitution and MAGA Republicans get in line behind him.

The Republican Party keeps blaming Trump and his hand-chosen candidates for their consistent election defeats without examining the reality that the party is being defined as an anti-democracy party.

Paul Gosar is an extremist, but Republicans aren’t criticizing and disavowing Trump. Their silence equals complicity and enabling an anti-democracy movement in the United States.


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