Rachel Maddow Perfectly Sums Up What The Republican Party Is Running On


Rachel Maddow showed that the Republicans had become the party of jailing librarians, banning books, and getting rid of school desegregation.


Maddow said:

Whatever your politics are, whether you agree with what these Republicans and Republican governors and Republican legislatures are doing in the states. You can still see, right? That this isn’t exactly a thrilling national platform on which Republican candidates will be eager to run for the White House next year, right? Like jailing librarians, banning abortion, banning that books, undoing desegregation in schools, getting rid of child labor laws, right? Regardless of who the standard bearer is going to be, either Donald Trump or it will be somebody else who has this record of current models in Republican governance to run on.

And regardless of, you know, who their standard bearer will be, whether it is Trump or not. Regardless of the unpopularity and extremity of how they are governing in the states they control, the one hope they have for taking back the White House next year, for taking back control of the executive branch, for taking the presidency in 2024. The one thing in their control the one thing you can control as the country as a whole, the political climate for the country, the one thing they can do single-handedly is the economy. 

Rachel Maddow went on to discuss the Republican motivation for triggering a default, which is that a default might be their only hope of winning back the White House in 2024.

Given the way that they are governing in the states, Republicans have to hope for an economic collapse as their path back to the White House in 2024. Anything that forces them to rely on their own agenda might doom them to defeat.

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