Rachel Maddow Hits Trump With A Blistering Takedown Of His Failed Presidency


Rachel Maddow blasted Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying his “fatally mismanaged response” to the coronavirus outbreak is just one of the many ways this president has failed America over the past three-plus years.

The MSNBC host said that under this president, America’s relationships with its allies are “cratering” abroad while the rule of law has been torn to shreds at home.

“We are not a well-run country right now,” she said. “How did we do that so quickly?”


Maddow said:

We are not a well-run country right now. In our disastrous and still-cratering relationships with our allies, in our submarining of international institutions that we not only helped set up but that we have bolstered for decades because they’re in our own interests as well as in the interest of world peace and stability. In our inexplicable and troubling relationships with our supposed adversaries. In our basic adherence to things like the appearance of the impartial rule of law, which is fundamental to our basic self-worth as a civilization. In our botched, incoherent, fatally mismanaged response to the largest and deadliest public health disaster in a century, we are poorly run. It’s bad. And of all people, Robert Gates’ new book makes the case that actually it’s really bad. That, as he says, ‘Despite our braggadocio, the overall trend for us in the global arena has been negative.’ He says, ‘How did our country go so quickly from unique global power to a country that is widely perceived as no longer willing to bear the costs or accept the responsibility of global leadership and is no longer even capable of governing itself effectively?’ Yeah, how did we do that so quickly?

America is far worse off under Donald Trump’s failed leadership

The most important question that voters ask themselves every four years when they choose their president is also the most simple: Is the country better off now than it was four years ago?

Under Donald Trump, the answer to that question couldn’t be more clear.

At home, his incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic has cost tens of thousands of Americans their lives and livelihoods. The virus is flaring up again, but Trump doesn’t seem to care.

The rule of law that the president claims to defend is now teetering on the edge with a Department of Justice under White House control and GOP lawmakers unwilling to conduct proper oversight.

Abroad, American allies are backing away from the United States while our foes pounce on the weak commander-in-chief.

The United States of America is spiraling out of control under Donald Trump, and the world is noticing. In November, voters can finally put a stop to it.

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