Pennsylvania Attorney General Rejects Trump’s Call To End Vote Count


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro told Trump that local officials decide when the vote count ends, not the president.


AG Shapiro said on ABC’s Good Morning America:

The bottom line is we’re going to respect the will of the people in Pennsylvania. It’s the law. The law says count every eligible vote, and that’s exactly what’s happening all across Pennsylvania right now.


It doesn’t work that way, George. The President doesn’t count these votes. The clerks in our communities count these votes. These issues, the legal issues have largely been settled and now it is time to count these votes and make sure that the will of the people is heard, and so we’re not going to let anything interfere with that process. We just need to have a little bot more patience, maybe a little bit more patience than my kids and your kids have and we gotta make sure we get this right and the way we make sure we get this right is to make sure every eligible vote is counted.

Trump threw a fit and demanded that the vote-counting be stopped in a blunt late-night display of his authoritarian desires. The reality is that Trump is unilaterally powerless to stop the vote count. He can’t immediately go to the Supreme Court. He can’t sign an executive order to stop the vote count.

The President’s bigger problem appears to be that his plan to steal the election through Pennsylvania has been short-circuited by his loss in Arizona. Joe Biden probably won’t need Pennsylvania to win the White House, but the Keystone State won’t be bullied by Donald Trump.

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