Pence’s Former Doctor Calls Him Out For Not Wearing A Mask


Mike Pence’s former personal physician has a special request for the vice president: Start wearing a mask in public.

Dr. Jennifer Peña served as Pence’s personal doctor during his first two years in office.

On Friday, Peña appeared on MSNBC and said the vice president has a duty to set an example of proper pandemic behavior.

“Leadership comes from the top — that’s my motto,” Peña said. “You have to lead by example. If the federal government is putting out guidance that this is the measures that we have to take for citizens to protect ourselves and protect this country, then, again, leadership has to come from the top, and we have to lead by example.”

Last week, Pence announced he would be isolating himself after his press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Pence has publicly claimed he’s following the doctor-recommended procedures to reduce spreading COVID-19. But four CEOs of food companies and the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation were told to remove their face masks before meeting Pence in Iowa last Friday.

Peña said the decision to wear a mask is a personal one, adding that she has “all the faith in the world” that the vice president is “getting the appropriate recommendations and guidance.”

But if Peña was still working for Pence, she “would tell him to put on the mask,” she said.

You can see the complete exchange below.

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