Pence Staffer Who Tested Positive For Virus Is Stephen Miller’s Wife


Trump said that the Pence staffer who tested positive for the coronavirus is Katie Miller, who is the wife of top White House aide Stephen Miller.

Tamara Keith of NPR tweeted:

Here are Katie and Stephen Miller:

The coronavirus has made its way to deep inside Trump and Pence’s circle. It makes sense now that the White House held a press briefing where they did not address the fact that Trump and Pence have been exposed to the virus.

At a time when the Trump administration is pushing for the country to reopen, the White House showed why it is still not safe to go back to business as usual.

Stephen Miller is the architect of the Trump administration policy that experts consider a potential crime against humanity. The virus is closer to Trump and Pence than they are willing to admit, and the wife of Trump’s immigration henchman has brought the pandemic into the inner circle of the administration.

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