Obsessive fans think I am Heath Ledger’s ghost


Looking like a famous movie star shouldn’t be a bad thing, but one man says his resemblance to the late Heath Ledger comes with confronting “obsessive fans” convinced he’s the late actor reincarnated.

Matthew Scar, a 30-year-old content creator, says he is inundated with attention from people — both online and in real life — thinking they’ve seen a “ghost” due to his likeness to the “Joker” actor, who died in 2008.

Scar, who is from Italy but is now based in London, says he never realized the eerie resemblance until he moved to Perth, Australia 10 years ago and was approached by a girl who mentioned his celebrity doppelgänger.

Since then, Scar, who has over 69,000 followers on TikTok, has become so famous for the uncanny resemblance he’s even made it to Hollywood, playing the late star in “Fatal Addiction,” which will be available on streaming platforms in December.

Scar is a dead ringer for the late Heath Ledger.
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Scar looks eerie similar to Ledger (pictured) who passed away in 2008.
Scar looks eerie similar to Ledger (pictured) who passed away in 2008.

“I simply got a call from a lookalikes agency and they asked if I wanted to play as Heath for a movie,” he told NeedToKnow.Online, saying this is the first production he’s been involved in because of his movie star looks.

“I am glad that thanks to Heath, I’ve had the opportunity to be on a movie set and sometimes it feels like I’ve been able to do stuff thanks to him, even if we’ve never met,” he said.

Scar, an avid metal music fan, uploads videos on TikTok and is immediately flooded with comments about his astonishing looks.

Some fans say he looked more like Heath Ledger than Heath does.'
Some fans say he looked more like Heath Ledger than Heath does.
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“Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt conceived this man while filming ’10 Things I Hate About You,’” one person declared.

“I’m still trying to find a way to not think I’m watching Heath Ledger,” another added.

Scar says he’s not often mistaken for the late actor in public but admits he does catch people staring while in the park or any public place.

“They usually ask me for a picture and normally the first thing they say when approaching me is: ‘Sorry, I know you must get this a lot but do you know who you look like?’” he recounted.

“I’ve had comments online such as: ‘You look more like Heath Ledger than Heath Ledger’, which was quite funny, and ‘Are you telling me you’re not him?’”

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