Obama Destroys Trump’s Crackpot Conspiracy Theory With One Word: ‘Vote’


Like a drunk man sitting alone at a local pub, Donald Trump has spent the past week desperately shouting “Obamagate” at anybody willing to listen.

On Wednesday, he tweeted out just a single word in all caps: ‘OBAMAGATE!’, which he then retweeted today – you know, something a completely stable president does in the middle of a global health emergency.

Not even Trump knows what any of this actually means, but he isn’t really a details kind of guy. All he needed was a catchy scandal name and a right-wing propaganda network willing to be his megaphone.

Check and check.

On Thursday, Barack Obama took to social media to give what can only be interpreted as a response to Trump’s broken-minded ramblings – and the former president only needed one word: vote.

Obama’s former VP and the man who hopes to send Trump packing in November, Joe Biden, also chimed in.

Obama offered both a response and a solution to Trump

Donald Trump’s new crusade to pin a scandal on his more popular predecessor comes after Barack Obama, in a leaked phone call, slammed Trump’s “chaotic” handling of the coronavirus.

On the same call, Obama said the “rule of law is at risk” after the Justice Department dropped its case against Michael Flynn even though the former national security adviser admitted his guilt.

Obama’s one-word social media post on Thursday doesn’t just offer his first public response to his unhinged successor, but it also gives the American people a solution to the Trump crisis.

The current president is a clear and present danger to the United States of America. Each day he remains in the White House, that threat grows.

With a Republican Party refusing to hold Donald Trump accountable, the only remaining solution is to vote him out of office.

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