Nursing homes seek legal protections amid coronavirus outbreak


Nursing homes in the US are seeking legal protections amid the coronavirus outbreak as deaths in the facilities skyrocket, a report said Wednesday.

Healthcare organizations are pleading for liability protections for the homes, which may shield them from costly civil suits, the Guardian reported Wednesday.

Some 21 states have already granted legal protections for healthcare providers through laws and executive orders, but it’s unclear if those extend to the homes, according to the report.

A dozen other states have passed protections for the nursing facilities, but advocates say the measures don’t go far enough.

“More needs to be done to afford appropriate legal protection to those that are working hard to prevent and contain this virus from spreading,” a spokesperson for American Health Care Association told ABC News in a statement.

Instead of lawsuits, advocates are pushing for reforms to long-term care industry and increased supplies of tests and PPE for workers.

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