Netflix spared audiences from over a week’s worth of ads in 2019


It’s not called Netflix and “shill.”

The subscription-based streaming service reportedly saved viewers from over nine days of commercials in 2019, according to

The entertainment site calculated that two hours of Netflix’s ad-free viewing experience equals a deficit of 36 minutes of daily commercials that audiences would’ve been subjected to watching network TV. That amounts to 219 hours of ads per year, or 9.1 days of commercials, that viewers were spared from watching last year.

Throw in the fact that Netflix’s daily usage has shot up at least 30 minutes per viewer during the coronavirus quarantine, and the online entertainment bazaar is cutting out an extra nine minutes of ads per day.

The absence of ads is one of the main reasons the masses are increasingly trading cable services for subscriptions to Netflix, which eclipsed Disney in terms of company worth this past April, reports Variety.

Disney launched its own streaming service, Disney+, in November and now boasts 54.5 million subscribers. Last month, Netflix reached 182 million subscribers worldwide.

Despite networks promising to shorten the hourly ad-block, the number of TV commercials is on the rise, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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