Nearly a Quarter of Republicans Think GOP Should Replace Trump as Presidential Candidate


Nearly one-in-four likely Republican voters think their party should nominate someone other than Donald Trump for president in 2020. However, most will still vote for him.

Conservative pollster Rasmussen found that 23% of Republicans believe “their party should find someone other than Trump to be their presidential nominee.”

This is a significant number considering Trump has been president for almost four years. GOP voters also tend to be loyal to their elected officials, especially presidents.

“Men feel more strongly than women that Trump is the right candidate for the GOP. Women are more likely to be undecided,” Rasmussen reports.

Likely Republican voters under 40 are more likely to think Trump should be replaced. Until recently, the President enjoyed huge support among senior citizens but Joe Biden has chipped away at this.

“Blacks and other minority voters share that view more than whites do,” the poll says.

Despite these numbers, 95% of Republicans think Trump will end up being the nominee. Possible challenges to his status from unhappy conservatives gained little traction this year.

By contrast, 28% of likely Democratic voters think their party should find a nominee other than the former vice president.

In a separate poll, Rasmussen found that just 54% of Democrats want Biden bur 92% believe he will be their nominee. It would be very difficult to replace Biden or Trump at this time.

However, it’s important to note that Rasmussen typically skews conservative and has frequently given President Trump higher than average approval ratings.

Trump has approvingly cited Rasmussen polls on many occasions, which may be cause for concern considering the latest findings. Conservatives may also be more likely to be honest with Rasmussen as a result of its popularity with the party.

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