Nancy Pelosi Nails Trump For Trying To Cut The CDC’s Budget


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) nailed Trump with his own budget that tried to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the CDC before the pandemic.

Transcript via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Did the CDC let the American people down?

REPRESENTATIVE NANCY PELOSI: Well, the CDC was grossly cut in the President’s budget, but setting aside how we got here, let’s talk about how we go forward. It is important for us– the American people want the economy to open up. We all do. We want our societies to– to open up. We all do. And in order to do that, we have testing, tracing, treatment, and isolation. And that is the path. It’s what the scientists advise. That is what we do in the HEROES Act. We talk about how we can get there with a plan. This– we haven’t had a plan. Let’s go forward in a bipartisan way to have a plan, a plan to test.

We have no idea the size of this challenge to our country because we have not sufficiently tested. Let’s test so that we can diagnose and then we can treat and then decrease the number of people who have died. Imagine that ninety thousand Americans, almost ninety thousand Americans have lost this life– their lives, to this awful villain. We, whatever our differences, have to join together to fight this enemy to the lives and the livelihood of the American people. Ninety thousand people, we send our condolences and our prayers to their families. We will always carry them in our hearts.


Speaker Pelosi was correct. The latest Trump budget proposed a $693 million cut to the CDC. Presidents don’t set the national budget, but their budget submissions are statements of values and priorities.

Trump was trying to cut the CDC before the pandemic hit.

As the Trump administration is attempting to blame the CDC for the pandemic, the facts tell a different story. Donald Trump didn’t treat pandemic preparation as a priority. He was attempting to slash funding to the CDC before the pandemic hit.

Rep. Pelosi saw through the White House spin, and blew it to bits with one important fact.

Trump wanted to cut the CDC.

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