MSNBC Refuses To Air Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Address To The Nation


Donald Trump addressed the nation on Thursday night and MSNBC cut away from it almost immediately after it started, calling it too “dangerous” to air.

“It was not done as a stunt or out of theatrics,” Brian Williams said of the network’s decision to cut away from Trump. “We just can’t have it. It was not rooted in reality. And at this point, in where our country is, it’s dangerous.”

Nicolle Wallace also weighed in on Trump’s remarks, calling them “one of the more dangerous acts that Donald Trump has undertaken as president.”

“I’m proud to work at a network that didn’t contribute to what Trump just did,” she added.


Fact checking Donald Trump is no longer enough

As both Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace pointed out on Thursday, the United States is like a tinderbox right now, largely because that’s what Donald Trump wants.

Allowing Trump to control the airwaves without a filter is dangerous. It only adds more fuel to the fire he’s been stoking throughout this election process, and it undermines democracy.

Fact checking this president after the fact isn’t enough anymore. Refusing to give Donald Trump airtime is the only way to limit the damage he plans to do on his way out the door.

MSNBC made the right call by cutting Donald Trump off. Other networks would be smart to follow their example.

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