More Americans Trust CNN Than Trump To Tell The Truth On The Coronavirus


Donald Trump likes to claim the American people share his opinion that the media is “fake” and out to get him, but a new poll shows he’s wrong.

According to Monmouth University, more people trust CNN than the president to tell the truth on the coronavirus pandemic – and it isn’t even close.

The survey shows that a majority of Americans – 51 percent – take CNN’s word on the virus over the president who has told more than 16,000 documented lies since taking office.

Trump has shown he can’t be trusted to deal with this health crisis

Since before Donald Trump was elected president, the American people knew he wasn’t a man who could be trusted. Vast majorities of the country often give him dismal marks on questions related to honesty.

But his disastrous response to this global health emergency has removed any shred of credibility he might have had left.

Months ago, Trump claimed that the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. would quickly fall to zero. Today, the infection continues to spread at a rapid pace with more than a million cases and counting.

Throughout this crisis, Trump repeatedly used his platform to push a drug – hydroxychloroquine – that we now know leads to more deaths. He also floated the idea of injecting disinfectant into the body.

Last month, Trump predicted the coronavirus death toll in the U.S. would probably hit 60,000. As the number of dead Americans passes 70,000 today, he continues to move his goalpost higher and higher, all while claiming victory.

Donald Trump has always been a dishonest man who says and does whatever it takes in the moment to advance his own interests. In this case, it has caused the needless deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

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