Missouri woman bitten after ‘kitten’ turned out to be a bobcat


A Kansas City woman learned the hard way that “curiosity kills the cat” when she picked up what she thought was a lost kitten this week – only to realize it was actually a small bobcat.

The woman wound up getting bit on the thumb after seeing the small feline on the side of the road in Liberty, Missouri, and trying to help it, local cops said.

“A word of advice…if you want to pick up the cute little kitten to pet it, make sure it is not a bobcat first!!” the department tweeted after the incident.

“They do bite and scratch.”

Bobcats are apparently common in Liberty, a small Clay County city that is home to just over 30,000 people.

The woman, who remains unidentified, did not require medical attention, KMBC reported.

The Missouri woman’s minor misadventure is not the only cat confrontation to make headlines this week.

Burnt Toast, a Wisconsin black cat, recently went viral for dragging a whole alligator head into his owner’s yard.

“He was very proud of himself,” owner Wendy Wiesehuegel told Fox News of the discovery. 

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