Mike White Shows Guts in Jets Loss in Buffalo


Mike White has brass ones.

After getting rocked in the ribs, he was back in the game two plays later. After getting absolutely destroyed in the ribs a second time in the third quarter, he somehow came back for next Jets drive. That is something any teammate and any fan can get behind. It’s hard not to root for White to succeed.

The Jets lost to the Bills 20-12 on Sunday in some nasty conditions in Buffalo, but White was not at fault for this one. A fumble by backup QB Joe Flacco and by now-backup running back Michael Carter doomed the Jets, along with a couple of key penalties. If White is able to play next Sunday, he should continue to be the Jets’ starting QB.

To talk about the loss to the AFC East-leading Bills, White, the QB situation and everything Jets, we bring you a new episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast. I hosted this episode with guest co-host Jake Asman from 97.5 ESPN Radio in Houston and “The Jake Asman Show” on YouTube. It’s Jake & Jake.

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake Brown & Jake Asman:

  • MIKE WHITE GUTS: To come back into the game after getting crushed twice in the ribs shows he has guts and grit. There’s no reason to even consider making a change at QB. White is far down the list of why the Jets lost Sunday. He was pressured 21 times — the Jets offensive line did not protect well for White.
  • TURNOVERS: Flacco’s fumble was so dumb. He should have held the ball and just taken the sack. You can not hold the ball out in the open like that when defenders are coming from both sides. Carter’s fumble was huge. Jets were approaching the red zone and on his longest run of the day of five yards, he lost the ball. Those two plays were a big difference in the game.
  • THE DEFENSE: C.J. Mosley cannot jump offsides on that fourth down. That ended up leading to a Bills touchdown. Defense held Josh Allen under 150 passing yards — you would sign up for that any day. The one thing the defense needs to improve upon is forcing turnovers. If they could have picked off Josh Allen or forced a fumble, that could have been a major difference in the game.
  • QB SITUATION: White gives the Jets the best chance to win this season. Zach Wilson’s 5-2 record this year is not relevant, considering he was not the reason they won those games. The offense has functioned much better under White. Both QBs are 1-2 without Breece Hall. If White can’t play Sunday, you have to go with Wilson though. Wilson should be the backup for White over Flacco. They need some mobility with the offensive line not being good enough.
  • MIKE LAFLEUR PLAY-CALLING: LaFleur has to be more creative. Leslie Frazier coached circles around him. Elijah Moore needs to get an end-around. The Jets did not even try a screen pass. The run game was not creative and there was not enough of one. Garrett Wilson set the franchise rookie receiving yards mark. Wilson needs to get 10+ targets every week.
  • JETS PLAYOFF PUSH: Jets need to beat both the Lions and Jaguars at MetLife Stadium. If they lose one of those games, it’s likely over. You don’t deserve to make it if you don’t win these two games. Then you need to win in Seattle or in Miami. Do that and get to 10-7 and you’re likely in.



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