Michael Jordan Savagely Laughing Is The Best New Meme To Join Crying Jordan


Michael Jordan’s emotions have proven to be the perfect fodder for memes yet again.

One particularly amusing reaction from the NBA star in the latest episode of the docuseries “The Last Dance” was a slam-dunk for fans. The 10-part series about Jordan’s career, currently airing on ESPN and Netflix, focuses on the Chicago Bulls’ journey to a sixth championship in the 1997-98 season.

Jordan’s extremely meme-able moment came during an interview in the eighth episode of the series, released Sunday night. The producer handed him a tablet to watch former Seattle Supersonics player Gary Payton explain how his defense tired Jordan out during the 1996 finals between the Bulls and the Supersonics. The Bulls won the first three games but lost two once Payton started guarding Jordan. Payton said he didn’t back down to Jordan like other players had, claiming, “It took a toll on him.”

This is what Jordan thought of that claim: 

And thus, a new meme was born. It’s a perfect companion for the evergreen Crying Jordan meme that has endured since 2009, when the tearful superstar was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and it joins other hilarious reactions from the NBA great that have also crept onto social media during the release of the series. (Although some social media users theorized that the new memes are part of an elaborate plot to eclipse Crying Jordan once and for all).

Here’s how Twitter users are applying the latest Jordan reaction:

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