Miami parking garage shocks with $100 charge for vehicles


It takes a lot to shock the Florida filmmaker behind “Cocaine Cowboys.”

But the eye-watering cost to park in a Miami garage was enough to send Billy Corben scrambling for his Instagram account.

The Sunshine State native posted a shot of a placard advertising a $100 flat rate at the city’s posh Bayside Marketplace on Sunday.

“#BecauseMiami,” Corben wrote.

The glitzy Biscayne Bay attraction features high-end shops and restaurants, attracting the area’s elite.

Stunned respondents said they’ve never seen such a sky-high parking price — even in cities like Los Angeles and New York.

One follower commented: “When you’re old enough to remember free parking at Bayside.”

Greg Cote / Instagram

 Billy Corben
Director and Producer Billy Corben
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It later emerged the parking lot had bumped up its prices up from a usual rate of $30 and under due to of the Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics basketball playoff game at the nearby Kaseya Center where the two teams were battling it out for a place in the NBA finals. One commenter even said the price went up to $150 as game time neared.

The Post’s calls to Bayside and its parking garage were not returned Monday.

Long one of the nation’s most expensive cities, Miami now wallops the wallet like never before.

Bayside parking lot
The Bayside parking lot in Miami
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Celebrities and financiers have flocked to South Florida, driving up the general cost of living and sending prices to the moon.

Some locals have groused about the incursion of well-heeled emigres, arguing longtime Miamians can no longer afford the area.

Corben, who was born in Miami, has emerged as a chronicler of Florida’s seamier aspects, making a string of wildly popular films focused on the Sunshine State, including the 2012 movie “Broke” about how the majority of sports stars from the NFL and NBA end up losing their fortunes just a few years after they have retired.

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