Meghan McCain Suggests Trump Campaign ‘Just Wrap It Up’


Meghan McCain is taking a dim view of Donald Trump’s performance on the campaign trail.

In fact, “The View” co-host thinks it might be time to pull the plug on his reelection campaign for good.

On Wednesday’s show, the panel griped about what Joy Behar called the president’s “incompetence and ludicrous remarks” on Tuesday when he responded to a question about police officers shooting Black Americans by sneering that white people get shot, too.

McCain, the show’s resident Republican, was frustrated by the president’s insistence on making “stupid, undisciplined comments that become hot topics on shows like this.”

McCain warned the Trump campaign that if the president can’t change his tone, he might as well just quit. 

“I’m at the point where, if he and his team just can’t in any way bring out any kind of cohesive message, maybe you should just wrap it up,” she said. “Because there’s some interesting things to say about China right now and talking about … white people getting shot right now is not only tone-deaf, but … I just don’t understand.”

McCain said that she is only asking the president to do what “any other Republican candidate would have done … very well. But we have someone who can’t even discipline themselves in three seconds, and then it’s just frustrating to watch. It’s why electing a complete outsider with no political experience in this swamp will probably end up making him a one-term president.”

You can see the full exchange below.

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