Maskless Anti-Lockdown Protester Invades Reporter’s Social Distancing Space


A maskless man protesting against COVID-19 safety measures on Long Island was captured on video Thursday deliberately invading a reporter’s social distancing space.

“I think you need to back away from me,” said News 12 Long Island reporter Ken Vesey, who was wearing a mask, as he turned away during the confrontation.

“No, I’ve got hydoxychloroquine,” the unidentified protester, who was wearing a Trump T-shirt and red MAGA hat, responded as he strode closer. “I”m fine.”

That drug, touted by President Donald Trump, has not proven to be effective against COVID-19 and can have lethal side effects.

On Twitter, Vesey said covering the protest in Commack, N.Y. has been difficult:

Twitter followers had a suggestion: Don’t give those protesters air time:

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