Man seriously injured by ‘booby trap’ bomb in Utah home


A man was critically injured by a “booby trap” bomb Saturday while doing repairs on a Utah home — the same house where cops found a stockpile of explosives in July, according to reports.

Police and firefighters responding to the boarded-up home in South Jordan around 4 p.m. found the unidentified victim suffering from a serious lower-leg injury, cops said in a news release Sunday.

Authorities did not release the man’s name, but Bridget McGanigal Black — whose brother, Ryan McManigal, was arrested after a standoff with cops at the house in July — said her cousin had been doing repairs on the house when the bomb went off, Fox13 in Salt Lake City reported.

“I got a call from a cousin of mine this evening and she explained to me that my other cousin, his name is Jake, Jacob was over at Ryan’s house trying to do repairs on the home,” Black told the station.

“As we recall back in July, I think Pioneer Day, his home had to be partially detonated due to some bombs (he) was making,” she said. “So what I’m hearing is that while he was making these repairs there was a booby trap bomb set and it went off on him.”

Black added that her brother, “told me that he was going to set up booby traps in my mom’s house in Vegas, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that he would do this in his own home.”

McManigal, 42, was charged with two counts of first-degree attempted homicide and aggravated murder, and three counts of first-degree use of a weapon of mass destruction, the Salt Lake Tribute reported in July.

Police had been investigating McManigal for nearly a week after he allegedly threatened a local business owner, and later told cops he could have “snapped and walked into the building to mow down staff and customers,” the Tribune said.

Cops then showed up at his home in an armored truck to execute a search warrant, and McManigal opened fire on the vehicle before surrendering.

Police later found 20 pounds of explosives and detonation devices, as well as three guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Following Saturday’s explosion, South Jordan police evacuated neighboring homes and called in the FBI, ATF, and the local bomb squad to scour the home for any other leftover explosives, West Jordan Deputy Fire Chief Ryan Lessner said.

Lessner said the bomb victim was transported to the University of Utah Medical Center by helicopter, where he was being treated.

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