Maddow Says Trump’s Broken Coronavirus Response Is Still Causing Outbreaks Across The Country


Even as states begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, Rachel Maddow said on Thursday that Donald Trump’s failed federal response to the coronavirus is still causing outbreaks all across the country.

“Coast to coast, tip to tail, the federal response just continues to be absolutely terrible,” the MSNBC host said. “It’s really not getting any better.”

Maddow said that Trump’s bungled management of this crisis is “causing big outbreaks in your state.”

She pointed out that in New Mexico, an ICE facility controlled by Trump’s federal government is failing to follow proper safety protocols, which has allowed the virus to spread.


Maddow said:

It is one thing to have an absent or lame federal response to an epidemic. It’s another thing when the federal government is actually the entity that is itself screwing up and not following the rules and not following infection control procedures and, therefore, they are who is causing big outbreaks in your state. But that’s what is happening in New Mexico now. That’s why that governor is so mad. And you know, coast to coast, tip to tail, the federal response just continues to be absolutely terrible. It’s really not getting any better. I mean today, for some reason, the person at the Pentagon in charge of procuring equipment under the Defense Production Act, they just fired her. Without explanation. Sure, seems like a good time. Does it have anything to do with the fact that they just installed somebody at the Pentagon to check high-level officials there for loyalty to President Trump?

Months into the crisis, Trump’s response is still a disaster

It’s one thing to get hit by an unpredictable crisis and struggle to get your footing. But the United States is well into this outbreak now, and Trump’s response is still a horror show of epic proportions.

“We are months into this crisis,” former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted on Thursday. “There is simply no excuse for President Trump’s failure to implement a national testing strategy.”

From Trump’s refusal to lead by example to his monumental failure to enact a national testing strategy that’s critical to reopening the economy, he still can’t figure out how to respond this pandemic.

It’s almost as if putting a failed businessman turned game show host in charge of managing a global health emergency was a bad idea.

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