Lonestar Landslide Signals As Biden And Trump Are Tied In Texas


A new poll finds the presidential race in Texas is a dead heat with Joe Biden and Donald Trump each tied at 47%.

Via Quinnipiac University:

Today, Trump and Biden are tied 47 – 47 percent among likely voters. This compares to a September 24th poll of likely voters in Texas when Trump had 50 percent, and Biden had 45 percent.

Among those who will vote in person on Election Day, 62 percent support Trump and 32 percent support Biden.

Among those who are voting by mail or absentee ballot, 63 percent say they support Biden, and 31 percent support Trump.

Among those who are voting at an early voting location, 48 percent support Biden, and 46 percent support Trump.

Trump is the rare Republican who has never been overly popular in Texas, so in that respect, his struggles in the state were easy to see coming from a mile away. The problem for Trump is that his numbers appear to be dropping at a time when he needs to peaking.

The President’s support in the state has dropped five points in the past month. The Trump campaign doesn’t have the money to match Joe Biden’s advertising in the state, and his map of states that he carried has sprung so many leaks that it is impossible for the campaign to plug all of the holes where support is oozing away from the president and to Joe Biden.

If Trump loses Texas, he will lose the election in a landslide. There will be no path to reelection for Trump if he can’t hold on to the backbone of the Republican electoral vote map.

Forget flipping states. Trump is struggling to hold on to dark red states like Texas.

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