Livid Trump Blames Staff For Not Protecting Him From The Virus


Trump has refused to wear a mask or practice basic safety measures, but he is livid and blaming his staff for not protecting him from the coronavirus.

According to NBC News:

After learning one of his valets was infected, Trump became “lava level mad” at his staff and said he doesn’t feel they are doing all they can to protect him from the virus, according to a person close to the White House.

The source said the unknowingly infected valet was close to the President throughout the day on a consistent basis. Trump publicly disputed that Thursday, telling reporters he’d had “very little contact, personal contact, with this gentleman.”

The President who refuses to protect the people of the country and ignored dozens of warnings about the coronavirus before the pandemic spread in the United States is angry because his staff is not doing enough to protect him from catching the virus.

Trump should think about his anger at his staff and multiply it by about 300 million because that is how angry most of the country is at Donald Trump for his failure not to protect the nation from the virus.

Trump thinks that he should have special treatment while he tries to force states to reopen and workers to go back to work while it is not safe for them to do so.

The President’s anger is nothing compared to what voters are going to show him in November.

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