Lindsey Graham Tells Americans No More Virus Relief


Sen. Lindsey Graham responded to the proposal for a massive virus relief package from House Democrats by calling the bill dead on arrival.

Graham (R-SC) tweeted:

Speaker Pelosi made it clear that Graham and Senate Republicans are saying no to American heroes:

Well, let me just talk about our enthusiastic approach to opening up our economy, and that is testing, tracing, treating, and isolation if necessary. That is what is essential. It’s scientific, and it’s fair. That’s number one in our bill, is how do we open up the economy? How do we get rid of this virus, this villain? And that is testing, tracing, treatment and isolation.

Second to that is honoring our heroes. That’s why it’s called The Heroes Act. In no particular order, the provisions call for honoring our heroes: our first responders, our health care workers, for sure, our teachers, our sanitation workers, food service, transit, you name it—those who are on the frontline. And we help them by sending the money to state and local governments because that’s where they get paid, and it is, in large measure. And we have important assistance for hospitals as well.

So, it’s about testing. It’s about honoring our heroes and, third, it’s about putting money in the pockets of the American people by some of the measures that you mentioned.


Sen. Graham and Senate Republicans are saying no to every American. If they refuse to help state and local governments, they are refusing to help the American people. Local government impacts everyday life for every person in the country.

The economy will get even worse if local and state governments have to start laying off essential workers. The real-world impact is fewer teachers, first responders, and essential public services that local governments provide.

Republicans don’t want to spend any more money on aid because they are trying to pretend like the crisis is over. They are also laying a future marker in case Joe Biden wins the presidency.

Lindsey Graham is telling people to suffer because Republicans would rather bailout Donald Trump than save the country from a potential depression.

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