‘Light ’Em Up’: Minneapolis Cops Appear To Fire Paint Rounds At People On Their Porch


A video posted to social media appears to show Minneapolis police firing paint rounds at people who were standing on their front porch Saturday night, simply because the people did not get inside the house when ordered to.

In the video, some two dozen police, clad in riot gear and accompanied by a tank, can be seen trotting down a quiet residential street, yelling: “Get inside! Get in your house, now! Let’s go!”

As people stand on the porch of one house filming the police, someone yells: “Light ’em up!” The police turn, and at least one fires a projectile at the people on the porch, who scream and run indoors. Local media reported that police fired paint rounds.

The video, which contains explicit language, can be seen below.

The video was posted by Tanya Kerssen, who filmed the incident as she was standing on her porch in the Whittier neighborhood, reportedly after curfew. However, curfew restrictions only apply to public areas, according to the city’s own order.

The video was being widely circulated Sunday, with Kerssen’s encouragement.

HuffPost could not immediately reach Minneapolis police for comment. The National Guard said troops were not involved in the confrontation.

People responding to the video on Twitter were stunned.

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