Laura Ingraham Bursts Donald Trump Jr.’s Bubble By Saying Joe Biden ‘Beat Expectations’


Fox News host Laura Ingraham turned Donald Trump Jr.’s smile into a frown with her middling praise for Joe Biden, saying the Democratic nominee gave a “fairly well-delivered speech” on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

Ingraham, who earlier accused Biden of using “personal tragedy for political ends,” complained to guest Trump Jr. that Biden failed to enact any meaningful change during his two terms as vice president. Then she surprisingly switched gears, conceding that Biden’s nomination acceptance speech “did beat expectations.” 

“People were expecting him to flub every line and have a senior moment,” Ingraham said, adding that Biden’s speech “was devoid of any policy other than universal masking, but he delivered a good speech and for what he was doing, very emotional.”

Trump Jr. ― who wore a grin as he listened to Ingraham dismiss Biden’s record as vice president ― immediately turned serious and went on the defensive. He argued that Biden was incapable of being tough on China, attacked Hunter Biden’s alleged connections to Ukraine, and argued that Joe Biden ― a “50-year swamp creature” ― had failed to do anything worthy in his political career. 

“Our only export under Joe Biden’s 50-year tenure has been that American dream to countries that hate our guts and have been manipulating us for decades,” Trump Jr. said. “Donald Trump’s the first guy to stand up to those people; he’s the first guy to actually get deals done, whether it be with China, whether it be a peace deal in the Middle East. Where’s Joe Biden been? … He was in control for eight years with Barack Obama, why didn’t they do any of these things? If Joe Biden knew how to fix anything, why didn’t he tell Barack Obama how to do it?”

With that, Ingraham ended her reluctant praise for Biden and agreed with Trump Jr., joking that Obama had been keeping plans to fix the United States a secret “for Joe for later use.”  

Watch Inghram’s entire interview with Trump Jr. below. 

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