‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ going live for DNC with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders


“A Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will go live next week during the Democratic National Convention.

The show is doing virtual interview with guests, although Colbert returned to his studio offices this week.

On Monday, Susan Rice, who Joe Biden considered as a running mate, will be the guest. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will be featured on Tuesday, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday. Hillary Clinton will guest on Thursday, the same night that Biden accepts the party’s nomination.

“A Late Show” also is planning to go live during the Republican convention the following week, with guests to be announced.

“It’s a technical nightmare and an emotional minefield,” Colbert quipped about the prospects of going live earlier this week.

Colbert announced on Monday that he was returning to his office in the Ed Sullivan Theater for the first time in five months.

“Tonight, after five months, I’m back in my office at the Ed Sullivan Building! Unrelated question: how long does desk drawer egg salad keep?” he wrote. On air, he said that was set up in a replica of his office four stories about.

Colbert also did segments from the conventions in 2016, including a stunt in which he briefly took the podium at the RNC in Cleveland.

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