Kyrsten Sinema Gets No Special Deal From Schumer And Is Caucusing With Democrats


Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema did not get a special deal and will stay on her committees and caucus with Democrats.

Schumer said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Senator Sinema informed me of her decision to change her affiliation to Independent. She asked me to keep her committee assignments and I agreed. Kyrsten is independent; that’s how she’s always been. I believe she’s a good and effective Senator and am looking forward to a productive session in the new Democratic majority Senate. We will maintain our new majority on committees, exercise our subpoena power, and be able to clear nominees without discharge votes.”

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There was some reporting that Sinema might have been looking for a special deal where she gets to keep her committee assignments without caucusing with the Democrats, but that didn’t happen.

Democrats will keep their 51-49 majority on committees. Sinema has been a reliable vote for Biden’s judicial nominees, and that will likely continue.

Sinema’s move was all about 2024 as she was going be facing a Democratic Senate primary in Arizona that she would have lost.

Instead of losing the primary and then running as an Independent, Sinema is going to try to channel the ghost of John McCain and sell herself as an Independent for the next two years.

Arizona is changing, and the odds are high that she will not win a three-way race in 2024, but for today it is important to know that Krysten Sinema’s move changes nothing for the Democratic Senate majority.

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