Kylie Jenner’s Cake Cutting Skills ‘Disturbed’ People, So She Got Revenge


Kylie Jenner is quickly becoming the queen of the quarantine clapback. 

While her sisters are busy laughing over ill-timed toilet paper pranks, the billionaire beauty mogul has come for people critiquing her hair and skewered those who thought she looked “better” before she had a baby. 

And now, Jenner is trolling followers who said she sliced her cake in a “disturbed” way. To that, we say: Cut her a break. 

The 22-year-old showed off her slicing skills ― or lack thereof, depending on which side you’re on ― on her Instagram stories on Sunday. Jenner revealed that she’d gotten an olive oil cake for Mother’s Day, and cut a piece for herself. 

But people weren’t happy with the way she cut it, as the slice appeared very small and pretty off center, compared to the rest of the cake:

Fans couldn’t handle the way Kylie sliced up her cake. 

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts: 

The reaction on social media got Jenner’s attention, so she took to her Instagram stories once again to cut her cake a second time and really spice things up. 

“People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people,” Jenner wrote over a video she posted.

In the clip, the reality star cuts a circle in the middle of the cake. She then puts the circular bite on a little plate for all to see as if to say: Let them eat cake. 

The horror! 

The horror! 

It’s almost like that Marie Antoinette shoot that Jenner did for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar is rubbing off: 

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