Kim Jong Un’s boats create further mystery into his whereabouts


With Kim Jong Un missing again for the past two weeks, new rumors are floating around about the North Korean leader’s whereabouts, including that he is back at his Wonsan retreat based on satellite photos of boats at the site, according to a report.

In the past few weeks, several yachts had been seen outside the reclusive despot’s compound — and now another luxury vessel can be seen near the villa, further fueling speculation, according to the UK’s Express.

The Hermit Kingdom released photos of its leaders at a red-ribbon event on May 1 to quash escalating rumors that his prior, three-week absence was a sign he was dying or even dead.

But photos from the event sparked wild theories that he may have used a body double for the pictures that are yet to be verified.

Rumors of his possible ill health first emerged after he skipped events commemorating the 108th birthday of his grandfather Kim Il Sung.

The latest analysis has shown that Kim is back at his retreat after satellite images showed that two boats that were parked at the villa’s beach and central Wonsan docks have traded places.

This would suggest that Kim is back in Wonsan, and his boat nearby for his use after it underwent repairs in March, according to the news outlet.

Planet Labs imagery shows that the vessel is back in the repair dock, indicating it might be going through an upgrade.

From April until last week, a 180-foot-long boat had been docked at the Wonsan villa. The two boats switched spots after Kim appeared to have returned from Sunchon, where he opened a fertilizer factory.

As of Wednesday, the 197-foot-long boat is still docked outside the villa, which according to NK Pro could means that Kim is now in Wonsan, or could be heading there shortly, Express reported.

Meanwhile, another rumor that has begun to circulate is that Kim has an issue with his legs.

“People are speculating that Kim Jong Un can’t walk properly right now because he might have gotten leg surgery due to his weight,” a source told Daily NK.

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