Khazar Elyassnia has declined to speak with cops about Bob Lee: DA


The glamorous surgeon’s wife said to have attended sex and drug parties with tech founder Bob Lee before his murder isn’t cooperating with police, according to the San Franciso District Attorney.

Khazar Elyassnia — sister of Nima Momeni, 38, the man accused of murdering the Cash App founder — has rejected investigators’ attempts to speak following Lee’s April 4 death, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins told reporters after Momeni was denied bail and held in jail Thursday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Prosecutors say Elyassnia, 37, was with Lee on the day he died and texted him around the same time he was stabbed and bled out on a San Francisco street. Police do not suspect she was involved in his murder.

However, Elyassnia remains a key component to the case, as Momeni is accused of stabbing Lee, 43, whom he did not know well, hours after angrily confronting him about his sister’s alleged drug use and “inappropriate” behavior, police said.

The siblings have been described by friends as being incredibly close to each other. Following Lee’s passing Elyassnia enlisted a team of attorneys who did not respond to The Post’s request for comment Friday.

Khazar Elyassnia
Khazar Elyassnia reportedly refused to speak with police about Bob Lee’s murder.
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Momeni’s attorney, Paula Canny, claimed Elyassnia had not hear from police until after her brother’s arrest, and that she merly “asked for her lawyer to be present,” if they were to interview her.

Sources told the Wall Street Journal Lee, who had recently separated from his wife, had become sucked into the city’s underground party scene, known in wealthy circles as “The Lifestyle”.

He is said to have frequented underground sex and drug parties, often with Elyassnia, whom sources alleged was sleeping with him.

After his death, Lee was found to have ketamine and cocaine in his body in an autopsy.

Elyassnia’s husband, Dino, had accompanied her to Momeni’s earlier arraignments, but since the news of Lee’s alleged closeness to his wife, he has not been seen.

Lee’s ex-wife, Krista – who has defended him amidst claims of the lurid sex and drug-fuelled lifestyle he was said to be living – was also in court Thursday.

Canny claimed at the hearing grainy the police were relying on grainy security camera footage to pin the stabbing on Momeni. She also said the stabbing of Lee was a “Combination of accident and self-defense,” but the judge opted not to grant Momeni bail.

“There was no premeditation or deliberation,” Paula Canny told reporters after the hearing.

Bob Lee
Bob Lee is said to have frequented underground sex and drug parties, often with Elyassnia, whom sources alleged was sleeping with him.

On the night of Lee’s death, surveillance footage shows Lee and Momeni riding an elevator down to the lobby of Elyassnia’s apartment building shortly after 2 a.m. and climbing into Momeni’s white BMW, according to police documents.

The video then shows the pair inside the BMW as it arrives at a “dark and secluded area” on Main Street, near where a bloodied Lee was later found.

Prosecutors allege the men both left the car and Momeni then stabbed Lee before walking away.

Lee was “violently bleeding” when he called 911 shortly after he was stabbed on April 4, when a dispatcher said there was “a male screaming ‘help,’ saying ‘someone stabbed me’ … Advised he is bleeding out.”

Momeni was arrested more than a week later.

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