Kevin McCarthy Warns That House Republicans Are On The Verge Of Failure


Kevin McCarthy warned that the House Republican agenda is in jeopardy because they can’t pick a Speaker of the House.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

McCarthy gave Senate Republicans the perfect excuse to negotiate and pass a year-long government funding bill with Democrats because he admitted that House Republicans aren’t up to the task of governing.

McCarthy’s answer for these ills is for Republicans to elect him speaker, and then it will all be better.

The truth is that the same five House Republicans who are denying him the speakership are likely to be a problem for McCarthy if he ever becomes speaker.

House Republicans aren’t going to be able to pass big legislation and get things no matter who becomes speaker.

Republicans have weeks to go before they officially take over the majority, and they are already on the cusp of failure. The new Republican House majority was doomed as soon as the red wave never materialized on election night.

Kevin McCarthy was correct. Everything is in jeopardy for Republicans, but it won’t be saved by electing him to be the next Speaker of the House.


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