Kayleigh McEnany Runs Away When Asked About Trump And Pence Being Exposed To COVID-19


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany walked away as she was asked why she was talking about Mike Flynn instead of Trump and Pence being exposed to COVID-19.

McEnany was asked, “Why did you spend the first part of this briefing talking about Mike Flynn when both the President and the Vice President were exposed to coronavirus and we have historic unemployment?”


One of Pence’s staffers has tested positive for COVID-19 a day after one of Trump’s White House valets tested positive. Instead of talking about what steps are being taken to keep the White House safe, or dedicating the entire briefing to discussing the 33 million Americans who have lost their jobs, McEnany spent much of the briefing talking about Mike Flynn.

The reason why the Press Secretary was talking about Flynn was that the White House doesn’t want to discuss the coronavirus anymore. They are trying to ignore it, and hope that the American people will forget about the pandemic that is still killing thousands each day in the US.

The economy has collapsed. Trump and Pence have been exposed to COVID-19, and the White House is trying to distract the nation with Mike Flynn.

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