Justin Thomas can’t believe the beer prices


Anyone planning to drink at this week’s PGA Championship in Tulsa should brace themselves.

The alcohol prices at Southern Hills are so exorbitant it prompted former PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas to speak out.

“$18(!!!!!!) for a beer… uhhhh what. Gotta treat the fans better than that! 🤦🏽‍♂️,” Thomas wrote on Twitter Monday night.

According to a photo circulating on Twitter, a Michelob Ultra will indeed set spectators back $18 a pop, while a Stella Artois costs $19 and a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale costs $15. Signature and souvenir cocktails cost $19 each, regular cocktails cost $15 and wine is listed at $13. Bottles of water will be $6 each.

The beers are sold in 25-ounce cans, according to Golfweek. Still, a six-pack of Ultra can be had for $8.99 at Target in Tulsa.

Justin Thomas
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Meanwhile, a cheeseburger will cost $14, a Beyond burger is priced at $15 and a hot dog will run fans $8, per Golfweek. The healthier option, a chicken Caesar salad, will cost $16.

One fan quipped to Thomas on Twitter that beers would cost $4.50 at the rival Saudi Golf League events, to which Thomas replied, “Hahaha that’s pretty good.”

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